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Pirates of the Many Plots

I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean this week. It was the first of the double feature at the drive-in, so I figured what the hey? I vaguely remember seeing the first one and not hating it. I skipped the second, but no matter. These types of sequel franchises are always made to be self-contained, right?

We missed the beginning of the movie and were mostly to completely lost for the next two hours. I have no idea how much we missed, but figured it must have been a lot, either in terms of quantity or quality. By the end of the movie, James and I were still left saying, what the hey?

Apparently I'm not alone in my analysis. And it seems that seeing the whole movie may not have been much of a help. Here's someone who says it better than I could, because he's a ninja.

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Anonymous E to the vad said...

i finally saw the second last night...not so good. there is a major major major plot error in the movie! could not get into it. they should have stopped after the first. that one had the same plot hole but at least they tried to cover it up. the second one is just BAM! right there. arg.

6/01/2007 11:48 AM  

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