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Sunday Scribblings: Simple

flowering chives (watercolor)

This week's prompt at Sunday Scribblings is "simple." I've been dabbling in watercolor for the past two weeks, and my results are rather simplistic. But I like a few of them for their lovely simplicity. This is one that I did today. May you have a lovely holiday (if you're in the U.S.) full of simple pleasures. And even if you're not celebrating a long weekend, I hope you have a lovely day nonetheless.

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Anonymous Melissa said...

Beautiful, beautiful ! So, when does the etsy shop open up ?!?!?!

5/28/2007 11:39 AM  
Blogger Crafty Green Poet said...


5/28/2007 4:01 PM  
Blogger [a} said...

So sweet! I love Beatrix-Potteresque soft watercolours, the understated simple colours. Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I find stuff like your watercolour here, exotic. It gives an impression that you had a nice quiet, meditative time making this.

5/28/2007 5:32 PM  
Anonymous Allyson said...

Yay for you! Messing about in paints, such fun, and so lovely.

5/28/2007 9:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, all. I love the Beatrix Potter reference. I think an Etsy shop is a long way in the future, though. ...Then again, maybe I should rethink that. hmmm...

5/29/2007 10:02 PM  
Blogger sundaycynce said...

Simple and lovely.

5/31/2007 9:39 PM  
Blogger Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Thanks so much, Sundaycynce.

6/01/2007 10:09 AM  

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