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I love stories. I'm the one at social functions with a dozen new anecdotes. But I worry about hogging the conversation. Sometimes I tell myself that I'll be quiet and let others do the talking. But no matter how hard I try, my stories insist on bursting out! Here I can let my stories (the classics that I tell again and again, as well as new ones that unfold along the way) run free. I'm a professional writer and editor, and sole proprietor of The Word Cellar. I write for a variety of publications and clients on everything from green buildings and nuclear reactors to entrepreneurship and the arts. If you need words written, edited, or enlivened, I can help. Contact me.


May Day is International Workers' Day

For my day job, I work as the Electronic Communications Coordinator for Seton Hill University's E-Magnify. Among my various duties, I create and publish a weekly electronic newsletter. This week was a short newsletter week. (I do a long one every other week.) I may have gone a bit weird in the first article this time. Check it out and tell me if you think people are going to read it and say, "Um, okay."

Appropriate for International Workers' Day, my lovely husband started his new job today as a supervisor for a Verizon Wireless. Supervisor is just a lame name for manager, if you ask me. But James is not lame. No siree. He is super. This promotion has been a long time coming, and I'm so proud of him!

In other news, a guy looked at our house yesterday and gave us landscaping advice and an estimate. He is offering us a good deal, but it's still really expensive. I think we're going to have to pick one or two things and forgo the rest. Or maybe we'll suddenly get all DIY-ish and do it ourselves. I told James that I long to be the type of person who DIYs all kinds of stuff from remodeling to landscaping. But in my heart, I know that I'm usually the type of person who pays a professional to do it.

Anyway, the landscaper suggested ripping out all the stodgy looking shrubbery in front of our house and replacing it with these lovely sounding things:

Japanese Maples
Yellow Junipers
Zebra Grass
Pamaps Grass
And a mix of perennials and annuals, which I would choose and plant myself.

I have no idea what we'll go with. I think I'm going to have my friend from work, who is a Master Gardener, do a consultation for me. I need direction. This world of landscaping and gardening is new to me. If it's not planted in a pot, I feel lost!

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