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Hoping to avoid Bandaids and moleskin

Okay, this post may seem shallow, unless you're a woman who understands the quandary of finding fashionable footwear that fits. (I'm also trying to appeal to literati types who appreciate alliteration and assonance.)

I'm going to BlogHer in two weeks (more on that later), and desperately need to find some new shoes that will accomplish two very important tasks:

1. Enable me to rock my outfits while exuding a "I'm-a-cool-blogger-in-the-know" vibe.

2. Allow me to walk around all day without developing blisters and a limp that says, "I chose my footwear poorly and will now pay the price."

Any suggestions? I will be wearing gauchos and capris, and would like something that doesn't make my lower calves look like tree stumps. Sandals with good support are preferable. Other shoes that don't look like I should be exercising in them would also work. And they should match black, brown, and dark blue pants. (Okay, I may need more than one pair.)

If you've been a lurker, now is definitely the time to de-lurk! Tell me your favorite place to buy shoes, your favorite brand of shoes, or get specific and point me to a specific pair.

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Blogger Pink Shoes said...

Definitely a lurker, but a lover of your blog and shoes -- so how could I pass up this comment?
I recently purchased and love a pair of Bernie Mev Oreo shoes.... but also liked the Didi style. I've been wairing them with capris and skirts this summer. Have fun at Blogher! Chicago's a great city!

7/11/2007 10:08 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Run to your nearest DSW store - or check these out online:

Skechers (Active)
Biker Step Up
approx. $50

They come in many colors and are sooooo comfortable! I love them! Just bought 2 pair! And will more than likely be sporting them at the BlogHer conference :-)

Hope to meet you there!


7/13/2007 11:38 PM  
Blogger Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

Thanks for the suggestions! It's funny you mention those Skechers, Lisa. I stood in the shoe store for about 20 minutes today trying to decide on that exact pair! I'm keeping it on my "short list." (I dislike this type of necessity-shopping, but take it very seriously.) Hope to meet you at BlogHer, too.

7/14/2007 2:15 AM  
Blogger Katherine Gray said...

Ok, now I am totally stalking your comments. Did you find cute shoes? I had the same dilemma. Unfortunately, though I found ca-yoot shoes, I have open wounds on my achilles, even now 5 days later.

8/03/2007 4:30 AM  

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