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Whispering Sweet Nothings

James, also known as The Husband, has a habit of talking out loud just as he starts to fall asleep. A lot of the time this consists of grunts and mumbles and surprised "huh!" sounds. But just as often, I get snippets of narrative that make me wish I could see inside his mind.

He freaked me out the first time this happened, since he sounded wide awake when he said, "Look at that guy in the yellow coat!"

Here are two of his most recent gems:

They got these chairs on the boat of life, next to the birthing and deathing sections.... Do you want to let the hot air balloons off from there?

It's going to be tough as pie to eat all the jovial cookie treats!

There's wisdom and profundity in these, I'm sure of it.

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Anonymous Lisa said...

Those are HILARIOUS!!!

Once, when my husband was recovering from a head injury, he woke up and said "Is there a camera in this bed?". We still joke about that to this day.

Thanks for sharing. You made me laugh!


10/25/2007 9:44 AM  
Blogger Pink Shoes said...

They sound like he's been reading Poemcrazy!

10/25/2007 10:20 AM  
Anonymous cp said...

"Dave, where is the cheese?"

"I pissed on it."

oh the joys of sleep talking.

10/25/2007 11:33 AM  
Blogger anna pieka valentine said...

Ha! This just made me actually laugh out loud!

10/28/2007 12:01 AM  

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