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I love stories. I'm the one at social functions with a dozen new anecdotes. But I worry about hogging the conversation. Sometimes I tell myself that I'll be quiet and let others do the talking. But no matter how hard I try, my stories insist on bursting out! Here I can let my stories (the classics that I tell again and again, as well as new ones that unfold along the way) run free. I'm a professional writer and editor, and sole proprietor of The Word Cellar. I write for a variety of publications and clients on everything from green buildings and nuclear reactors to entrepreneurship and the arts. If you need words written, edited, or enlivened, I can help. Contact me.


What are we waiting for?

I don't hesitate to use the good china. Okay, I don't have "good china," but I do have good pottery. I love it, and I use it every day. I'm trying to make this the model for my everyday life.


I buy pint of organic raspberries. They're like little red jewels, which is an overwrought phrase when it comes to raspberries. But what else can I say? These ruby fruits are my favorite, so I want to make them last. But berries are not meant for waiting. Ripe soon turns to ruin. Eat the juice-full berries. Eat them now, whole bowlfuls if you must.


A recent Twitter exchange:

Me: What would happpen if I stopped putting my ideas up on a shelf, waiting for more time/confidence/resources? What would happpen?

Me: I'll tell you what would happen: THINGS WOULD START TO HAPPEN!

A friend: BIg FanDAMNtastic shit -- THAT's what would happen. There's something in the air Jenna, LEAP!


I yell at my husband for things that aren't his fault because I'm stressed about things that aren't his fault. He says nothing. We ride in silence. I practice "I'm sorry" over and over in my head, thinking I'll say it any second now. The words don't come, and then, without me trying, they do. "I'm sorry." All these years and it's still so hard to say. When will I learn? What am I waiting for?


I fill notebook pages with ideas for stories, articles, books, projects. What am I waiting for?


Tonight I filled a little apple-green bowl with red-red raspberries. There was no waiting.

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Blogger daisies said...

this is beautiful ... when i get home i am going to eat the pint of red juicy raspberries i have sitting in my fridge and then i am going to continue to live :-)


5/21/2009 12:50 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

i am now going to go BUY a pint of red raspberries and eat them all, and then I will pull some ideas from off the shelf and run with them, I will nitpick my husband over some stupid thing and remember to say I am sorry, and THEN, and then, I will come back over here and see what you have written...

5/24/2009 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Steph said...

I love this. I'm waiting for so many things too, been filling notebooks with projects and ideas for years. Maybe this is the year for a collective leap. Let's. :)

5/30/2009 12:09 PM  
Anonymous lisa said...

Hi :-)

How's the no waiting going? What wonderfully beautiful things have you discovered? Immersed yourself in?

I splurged on a manicure/pedicure this week (made me think of us in Chinatown!).

I've declared this the "summer of pretty nails".

6/03/2009 9:22 AM  
Blogger Jen Ballantyne said...

Hi Jennifer, popped over to say thanks again for your support and kindness, it means so much. I loved this post by the way, so much wisdom and truth in it, so stop waiting and jump girl - life is short. Take care, hugs Jen B xxx

6/05/2009 1:36 AM  

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